Certified Trainer Programme

This free self-guided certified trainer programme is designed for educators, study support tutors, assistive technology specialists and disability practitioners who would like to become a certified Inspiration for Windows trainer or accrue CPD hours in visual learning techniques.  

Through four online sessions, you will learn how to use Inspiration for Windows to:  

  • Apply visual thinking and mapping techniques to brainstorm ideas, clarify your thinking and overcome "writer's block".
  • Organize your writing projects to keep you focused and save you endless rework and rewriting later.
  • Take effective visual notes when reading for information and meaning or when capturing key lecture content.
  • Use outlining to quickly organize your content and research and structure your writing. 
  • Easily create diagrams, visual models and graphic organizers to improve your understanding and explain and communicate to your audience.  

In each session, you are asked to complete and submit an assignment, which is then marked and feedback is given. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate and an Inspiration Certified Trainer emblem you could include on your website, email signature etc.

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