So, consider this: you’re a creative person and your boss just doesn’t think that way. You want to work more visually and creatively, but your boss prefers a more linear format that works better for them. What can you do here?

Visual Mapping

Visual mapping can be brilliant in these instances, and this is where Inspiration comes into its own. It allows the freedom of creativity to capture thoughts visually, quickly and easily, with the ability to then transfer these thoughts and ideas into a more linear format when you need it, or equally for when your boss wants it. Inspiration has three views/environments to use. Our most structured option, the Outline View, provides those that require it a more formal, linear, and structured look at your work.

The other two ‘views’ available within Inspiration are the Diagram View and the Map View, both of which allow more freedom and creativity for users, but can be easily and quickly transferred into the Outline View at a later point.

Outline View

Diagram View

Map View

So, how does it help at work?

Imagine you’re at work and you have a lengthy or daunting written project. Sometimes it can feel like too much, or getting started seems impossible. If you benefit from seeing things visually, open a blank diagram or map in Inspiration, and start typing out all your notes or thoughts that you need to capture and work with. Start with a central point and then anchor all the other related information via separate branches, where you can also add drop-down notes and include hyperlinks. The synchronised Outline View can be used to instantly see your work in a linear page of notes. You can also Transfer the map and all those linear notes into a Word document with ease. Equally, this process can work in reverse, providing versatility for users to work in a way that suits them best.

And, keep your eyes peeled for our new Inspiration Maps Generator tool (coming this Autumn), which will allow you to simply convert the information in a Word or PowerPoint into an Inspiration document. Suddenly your ‘visual’ brain can compartmentalise the different aspects of the Word document more easily and break it all down into more manageable and comprehensible chunks of information.

Ultimately, allowing creativity to flourish is hugely important and beneficial to a lot of people in the workplace, but this just doesn't happen for some people especially when they feel constrained by formalities and linear thinking. Mapping allows more freedom, flexibility, and creativity.

Where else can mind mapping be used?

Almost everywhere! Mind mapping can be used virtually everywhere; in business, as we’ve seen, but also in education and in the home. It is already used by government and charity sectors and also widely used by people with learning difficulties, neuro differences, or cognitive challenges such as dyslexia, autism, and ADHD, whether they are in work or studying.

So, you’re a student sitting in a lecture hall with major information overload going on. How are you going to quickly get all that information written down and make sense of it, as well as all your scribbled notes? Especially if you have a divergent brain that already thinks and learns differently. Visual mapping software can genuinely help! It can help you process the information and therefore understand it better, organise it more coherently ready for a written task and it can also help with memory recall (great for exams) and retention.

But, mapping can be used by everyone! It can be really effective for those struggling with blank page syndrome too, to enable them to get thoughts out and organised in a coherent way, before the task of starting a piece of written work or even for planning and for home life organisation.

Click here if you would like to learn more about Inspiration and how it could help your thinking, learning or work projects.

Inspiration is an approved product for the Disabled Student Allowance and Access to Work.


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