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Inspiration RD for macOS and Chromebooks

The online solution to accessing Inspiration 10 on Macs and Chromebooks


Inspiration RD is our cloud based remote desktop service for accessing Inspiration 10 on Chromebooks and macOS, via an online browser or a downloadable client (internet access required). This delivers a near identical user experience to running Inspiration 10 on a Windows device.

Pricing & Buy Inspiration RD

Key features

  • Get all the features of Inspiration 10 on macOS devices or Chromebooks.
  • Flexibility to access in two ways: through a web browser* or via a small downloadable client*.
  • Secure online file storage to save and upload your files, or download directly to your desktop.
  • Free and regular updates.
  • Free technical and user support.
  • Transfer work to Word, Google Docs, OneNote, PowerPoint, PDF and as a graphic file.

*Internet access required

If Inspiration RD is recommended via Disabled Student Allowance, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint are included as part of the package. Please note: these are not included when purchasing directly from this site.

Inspiration RD Annual Subscription Plan

Pricing & Buy

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How The Technology Works

Powered by AWS
Microsoft Remote Desktop Services

Inspiration RD is a secure cloud based solution, powered by Amazon Web Services and uses proven Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and Parallels technology.

By downloading a client to their macOS or Chromebook, users are able to access and use Inspiration 10; or choose to access it via a browser.

Access Inspiration RD in two ways:

1) HTML Browser

Login on any device with an Internet connection.

2) Small downloadable client

Login once and use Inspiration 10 as if it's an app on your personal device.

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