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Inspiration RD for macOS and Chromebooks

Access Inspiration 10 via an online browser or Remote Desktop Services

Inspiration 10 on a macOS or ChomeOS

Inspiration RD is our new cloud based remote desktop service for accessing Inspiration 10 on Chromebooks and macOS, via an online browser or a downloadable client. It delivers a near identical user experience to running Inspiration 10 on a Windows device.

  • Inspiration RD is a hosted subscription service.
  • Secure file storage on the Cloud.
  • Free and regular updates.
  • Free technical and user support.
  • Includes Microsoft Word and PowerPoint with DSA plans (UK only), for seamless transfer to either program.

Annual Subscription Plan

GBP£119 | EUR€133 per user*

*exclusive of VAT

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How The Technology Works

Powered by AWS
Microsoft Remote Desktop Services

Inspiration RD is a secure cloud based solution, powered by Amazon Web Services and uses proven Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and Parallels technology.

By downloading a client to their macOS or Chrombook, users are able to access and use Inspiration 10; or choose to access it via a browser. The DSA subscription plan (UK only) includes a licence of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Key features

  • Get all the features of Inspiration 10 on macOS devices or Chromebooks via a small downloadable client or through an HTML5 web browser
  • Users get dedicated online storage space to save and upload their files to, or they can choose to download direct to their desktop.
  • Local drives and printers are automatically mapped through the downloadable client, making it easy to save and open files from their computer.
  • DSA Plan only - users can seamlessly transfer their work to Microsoft Word or export as a PowerPoint file and continue to edit.

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