Case Studies

Case Study: Inspiration's impact on students & staff

Ursula Bilson is the Staff Disabilities Adviser for the University of Leicester and regularly promotes Inspiration for its positive impact on students.

Part of her role is advising the staff on what support is available, which includes software in their network. And this technology isn't just available for students, it's also there for the staff to use.

She says, "Inspiration is a really good tool for when you don't know where you're going with something, and you want to sketch out your initial ideas."

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Case Study: "There is no alternative to Inspiration!"

Nick Critelli uses Inspiration daily to help in his law practice. He has been working for 50 years as an American trial lawyer in Iowa and New York and as an English barrister with chambers in London, too.

Nick's job is to make complex issues of law and fact understandable to clients, courts and juries, and his number one tool is Inspiration. He says it helps him organise chaos and create roadmaps to resolution for his colleagues and clients. For him "there really is no alternative!"

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Autism & Dyslexia: there are no barriers with Inspiration!

"I can do anything now. I feel that there are no barriers!"

Tracy Scott, who has autism and severe dyslexia, was introduced to Inspiration later in life to help with her Open University studies. After struggling through her high school years, Tracy gained two degrees, and now turns to Inspiration regularly to help with work projects and home-life organisation.


Returning to Education: Overcoming Dyslexia and Other Barriers as a Mature Student

When Ria returned to university to study Psychology, Inspiration 10 was her go-to study tool.

Now, as well as using it for assignments, planning and note-taking she also uses it in her day-to-day life: certain it has boosted her productivity and overall grades while studying remotely.


Working with Brain Injuries and Autism: an SEN Advisor's View

Helen Simon realised the power of Inspiration and visual learning during her studies, when she received Inspiration as part of her DSA assessment for dyslexia. Now an SEN advisory teacher, Helen advocates for Inspiration 10 to be used from primary school age through to higher education, particularly to assist children with challenges in education.


Video: recovering after a stroke

Recovering after a stroke: "I've embedded Inspiration into everything I do"

After suffering a stroke, Simon struggled with memory and cognitive issues when he returned to education. With the recommendation of another student, Simon decided to try Inspiration. Now, Simon uses Inspiration in his recovery, as well as integrating the software into his studies, youth work, work as a minister, and personal life.


"My panic attacks went away with Inspiration"

Shannon uses Inspiration to cope with her panic anxiety disorder, ADHD and dyslexia, while studying for her acupuncture qualification. Read more and watch the video, where Shannon showcases how neuro-differences are a gift when paired with the best assistive technology.


Inspiration 10: using mind-mapping for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Sharon was recommended Inspiration to help with her Dyslexia, and now uses the software for her postgraduate studies in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) at Canterbury Christ Church University. Here Sharon talks to us about how Inspiration has helped her structure and organise her learning, as well as the innovative ways she uses the software to assist in her CBT client meetings.


Overcoming Dyslexia and Dyscalculia with Inspiration 10

During her undergraduate degree, Jane started to question whether the difficulties she was having were to do with her own Dyslexia and Dyscalculia. After finding little research on the subject area, Jane is now working on a PhD that focuses on these learning difficulties. We spoke with her to discuss how she uses Inspiration during her studies.


Tackling Essay Writing with Inspiration 10

Tackling Essay Writing with Inspiration 10

Aimee started using Inspiration in 2012, when it was recommended as part of her DSA package during her studies for an Equine Management degree. Here, Aimee talks about her experience of using Inspiration to help with her studies and the struggles that she faces with dyslexia.


Achieving with Inspiration 10: from 2:2 BSc to Distinction MSc

After finding out she has dyslexia, Eva finished her undergrad with a 2:2. Eva then used Inspiration to study for an MSc in Environmental Management at Lancaster University, as well as an Erasmus term. Inspiration helped Eva to finish her masters with a distinction and the confidence to work towards a PhD.


Inspiration and Epilepsy: Helping with Memory Retention Issues

Thomas has used Inspiration since beginning his part-time Business Management degree with the Open University in 2017. Inspiration was recommended to Thomas as part of his DSA package, due to the side effects of his epilepsy medication causing difficulties with memory retention. Here Thomas tells us more about how he uses Inspiration to benefit his studies.


Dealing with Dyslexia using Visual Learning case study

Dealing with Dyslexia: Using Visual Learning in Inspiration 9 to Study and Work

Ray Rose Raymond started using Inspiration at university 12 years ago, and now uses it daily as a Learning Development Manager at Birkbeck University. Ray explains how he has used Inspiration throughout studying and in the workplace to overcome the challenges he faces with his Dyslexia, as well as the ways in which he is able to use Inspiration to help students in his current role.


Coping with Dyslexia and Anxiety Disorder with Inspiration 9: From University to the Workplace

Since 2008, Helen Blundell has been using Inspiration to assist her studies, personal and social life, and career. Helen explains the various ways she utilises Inspiration, and how it has helped her to organise her thoughts with Dyslexia and Anxiety Disorder.


Case study - visual impairment and Inspiration 9

Visual Impairment and Inspiration 9

Ana Moger, 46, began using Inspiration when she started her foundation year at Solent University, Southampton. Now finishing the first year of a Data Analysis degree, Ana explains how using Inspiration, in combination with Dragon Naturally Speaking, has helped her to effectively study with a visual impairment.


Georgian College: Supporting Students and Staff Using Inspiration 9

Students and staff in the Community Integration through Co-operative Education (CICE) Program at Georgian College, in Ontario, Canada have been using Inspiration since the program began in September, 2011. CICE is designed specifically for higher education students with unique and diverse learning challenges, such as Developmental Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Brain Injuries and Downs Syndrome. Having seen the benefits of using Inspiration to brainstorm and organize thoughts, the college recognizes the software as essential to everyday learning.


Sarah Fairman

Inspiration 9 and Autism: Reducing Burnout and Stress For Me

Sarah Fairman is the Workforce Wellbeing Coordinator at the Cheshire & Wirral NHS Foundation Trust. As a recent convert to Inspiration 9, she explains how the software has helped her with her Autism and the challenges that it has helped her to overcome.


Bangor University - helping students to plan, organise and revise more effectively.

Students and staff at Bangor University have long benefited from access to Inspiration, via a university-wide site licence. This investment in the software was driven by the recognition that the benefits derived by DSA students from using this visual learning and mind mapping tool should be afforded to all students.

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Inspiration: Supporting DMU’s Universal Design of Learning Strategy On and Off Campus

Universal Design for Learning – the approach adopted at DMU to enhance learning and the reason why the Library has opted to teach ALL students on a suite of assistive software. A particular focus is on their suite of site licensed software which includes Inspiration. DMU has opted to continue having a site licence of Inspiration, as it is well used by students on campus, and includes an option to offer home licences, allowing all their students to install Inspiration on their own devices.

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Mary Hare School Case Study

At Mary Hare School they use Inspiration in many of their lessons. It is a school for profoundly deaf children in Berkshire. It is an auditory/oral school where children use written and spoken English all the time. Pupils often start the school with language delay or with a more limited vocabulary than other children of their age so staff aim to make text as accessible as possible.

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Student Case Study - Helping with Dyslexia

Rebecca Lemon began using Inspiration 9 following a DSA assessment four years ago, when she first started studying in higher education. Rebecca continues to use the product whilst studying for an additional degree at Southampton University.

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