Case Studies


User Case Study - Reducing The Noise In My Head

Kylie Nicole, an undergraduate studying Criminology and Psychology at the Open University describes how Inspiration 9 helps her to get her ideas down and create essays.

Bangor University - helping students to plan, organise and revise more effectively.

Students and staff at Bangor University have long benefited from access to Inspiration, via a university-wide site licence. This investment in the software was driven by the recognition that the benefits derived by DSA students from using this visual learning and mind mapping tool should be afforded to all students.

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Inspiration: Supporting DMU’s Universal Design of Learning Strategy On and Off Campus

Universal Design for Learning – the approach adopted at DMU to enhance learning and the reason why the Library has opted to teach ALL students on a suite of assistive software. A particular focus is on their suite of site licensed software which includes Inspiration. DMU has opted to continue having a site licence of Inspiration, as it is well used by students on campus, and includes an option to offer home licences, allowing all their students to install Inspiration on their own devices.

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Mary Hare School Case Study

At Mary Hare School they use Inspiration in many of their lessons. It is a school for profoundly deaf children in Berkshire. It is an auditory/oral school where children use written and spoken English all the time. Pupils often start the school with language delay or with a more limited vocabulary than other children of their age so staff aim to make text as accessible as possible.

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Student Case Study - Helping with Dyslexia

Rebecca Lemon began using Inspiration 9 following a DSA assessment four years ago, when she first started studying in higher education. Rebecca continues to use the product whilst studying for an additional degree at Southampton University.

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