Inspiration and Autism:

Reducing Burnout and Stress For Me

Sarah Fairman

Sarah Fairman is the Workforce Wellbeing Coordinator at the Cheshire & Wirral NHS Foundation Trust. As a recent convert to Inspiration, she explains how the software has helped her with her Autism and the challenges that it has helped her to overcome.

What challenges did you face and how did Inspiration help?

“Every morning I would wake up, and it would feel like I would need to climb a mountain because I would be immobilised by all my thoughts about work and life. I have so many, that my brain feels like it has got too many tabs. So, I would have the challenge of having to organise the thoughts in my brain, to be able to constructively decide what steps to take next.

So, in organising my day, I use Inspiration and the RapidFire tool to literally spill all my thoughts onto a page, and structure them into my day plan, my work plan; adding targets and goals. It has given me the ability to have more confidence in myself, to know what I need to do and not get stuck.

What Inspiration does is close all those tabs in my brain and gives me one single page to put all the information into and to streamline what I know and what I’m trying to say, in an easy approach. It is great for thought structure, for planning and for visualising what I need to do.

Whereas before I had so many to-do lists, and would lose track of some, and then be back to square one! So, Inspiration has really streamlined every aspect of my life that I struggle with on a day-to-day basis; in my organisation and my thoughts, and putting those two together to reach my goals and achieve what I need to do for the day, for the week, for the month and for the year.

It is one of the easiest pieces of software I have found and I can stay on it for hours on end, because it is so interesting to use.”

How would you rate Inspiration?

“I love it… absolutely love it! I would like to share my experiences with other autistic adults because I think everyone needs it, but especially autistic adults. Inspiration is reducing burnout and stress for me!”.

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