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System Specification

Inspiration 10 for Windows

Operating System Compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 11 and Windows 11 SE (32/ 64 bit)

There are two editions to choose from after purchasing a licence:

  • Inspiration 10 - with built-in US English spell checker and thesaurus
  • Inspiration 10 IE - with built-in UK English spell checker and thesaurus

Click here to download the full technical specification for Inspiration 10, including deployment instructions for network installations.

Inspiration RD for macOS and Chromebooks


  • Internet Access
  • For web browser access: HTML5 ready browser e.g. Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox
  • For Download Client access (Parallels Client): macOS* and ChromeOS* operating system

Click here to download the full technical specification for Inspiration RD

*The Parallels Client can be downloaded and installed from the Mac App Store, Google Play Store or the Parallels website.

Inspiration 10 Updater

Version 10.11 is the latest version (released February 2022)

This is a free update for version 10 users.

For single user licences click here to download the updater.

For organisations with version 10 volume licence agreements and site licences, please contact to request access to this latest version.

Inspiration 9 Updater

If you are user of Inspiration 9, make sure you have updated your software to the latest version - 9.2.4.

This free update adds:

  • File import from and export to Inspiration Maps for iPad.
  • Windows version replaces the problematic Quicktime for Windows with Windows Media Player.

Inspiration 9 for Windows

  • Download updater for the International Edition (Inspiration 9 IE)
  • Download updater for the US Edition (Inspiration 9)

Inspiration 9 for Mac

Inspiration 9 for Mac is not compatible with macOS Catalina or Big Sur. If you would like to continue using Inspiration 9, we recommend you do not upgrade your operating system. Alternatively if you have a Windows partition on your Mac or have access to another Windows PC, you can transfer your licence across, to continue using Inspiraton 9.

Click here to request a free licence transfer to Windows.

Installation Notes

  • Save all custom libraries, templates and documents out of the Inspiration directory before updating.

Inspiration Presenter

Inspiration® Presenter is a free stand-alone application that enables playback of presentations created in Inspiration 9 or 10 on computers that don't have either version installed.

Please note: Inspiration Presenter is NOT required to view presentations on any computer that has a licensed copy of Inspiration 9 or 10 already installed.  

Running Inspiration Presenter 

There is no installation required to run Inspiration Presenter. The application can be copied and run directly on any computer, or run from a removable device such as a flash drive. When you start Inspiration Presenter, a dialog will prompt you to open your presentation. Simply navigate to your presentation file, select it, and click the Open button.

Download Inspiration Presenter – it’s free and convenient!