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Inspiration 10.1 is here!

1st November 2021

We are excited to confirm that you can now access the latest Inspiration 10.1 updates. Keep reading to find out everything that is new and how users can update. This is a free update for existing Inspiration 10 and Inspiration RD users.

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Inspiration 10: New Updates

5th October 2021

Calling all Inspiration 10 and Inspiration RD users! There is an exciting update coming to you November 1st. Here is what you can expect from Inspiration 10.1...

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Working with Brain Injuries and Autism: an SEN Advisor's View

14th September 2021

Check out this case study to find out why Helen advocates for Inspiration 10 to be used from primary school age through to higher education, particularly to assist children with challenges in education.

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How to Make a Concept Map

23rd August 2021

Watch this short video to learn everything you need to know about concept maps, including our simple 4-step guide to making your own concept map.

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Recovering a stroke: "I've embedded Inspiration into everything I do"

12th August 2021

After suffering a stroke, Simon struggled with memory and cognitive issues when he returned to education. With the recommendation of another student, Simon decided to try Inspiration. Now, Simon integrates Inspiration into every part of his life, which he details here.


"My panic attacks went away with Inspiration"

19th May 2021

Shannon uses Inspiration to cope with her panic anxiety disorder, ADHD and dyslexia, while studying for her acupuncture qualification. Read more and watch the video, where Shannon showcases how neuro-differences are a gift when paired with the best assistive technology.


Inspiration 10: using mind-mapping for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

22nd April 2021

Sharon was recommended Inspiration to help with her Dyslexia, and now uses the software for her studies in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Here Sharon talks about how Inspiration has helped her structure and organise her learning, as well as the innovative ways she uses the software to assist in her CBT client meetings.


How to Use Concept Mapping to Nurture Deeper Learning - by Shaun Killian

26th November 2020

Introducing concept mapping into the classroom is a proven way to enhance learning and deepen understanding, and is a technique that is easily applied to different stages of teaching. Here we will look at the positive impact it has and how to include concept mapping in classroom learning. 


Inspiration 10 and Dragon Naturally Speaking

22nd October 2020

Find out how to use Inspiration 10 for Windows and Dragon Naturally Speaking together. Watch the video to learn how the tools can easily be used in conjunction with one another, then use the keyboard shortcut guide to put it into practice.


Inspiration 10 has arrived!

1st September 2020

Inspiration 10 for Windows is here! In the latest version of Inspiration, you can expect to see exciting new features and enhancements to the software. There is also a mountain of resources available to ensure you get the most out of Inspiration 10.


What is New in Inspiration 10

4th August 2020

We are super excited about the launch of Inspiration 10, due for release on the 1st September. As well as many enhancements to the software, we have introduced some brand new features into this latest version. Here is a short summary of what new features to expect in Inspiration 10.


Mapping Ideas and Supporting Learning - by John Galloway, SEND Advisory Teacher, writer and trainer

6th June 2020

Brainstorming is something I’m sure we’ve all done, as I did to plan this article. It involves getting out of our heads the ideas and information we know about a subject so that we can sort it out and organise it into a coherent structure. It is a process rather than an end in itself and can lead to several different outcomes. In my case a ‘Thought Web,’ a visual means of connecting the things I wanted to include before ordering them into a narrative thread.


The Theory of Concept Mapping 

6th May 2020

Concept mapping is a powerful visual thinking technique, commonly used in education, scientific study, engineering and in business. It is great for mapping out knowledge and communicating complex ideas. In this article, we will explore what a concept map is, the benefits of its use and how you can create them in Inspiration 9.


Minimising The Noise In My Head - Student Video Case Study  

19th March 2020

Kylie Nicole, an undergraduate studying Criminology and Psychology at the Open University describes in this video blog how Inspiration 9 helps her to get her ideas down and begin the writing process.  


Link Phrases in Inspiration 9

The Power of Link Phrases - Deepening Understanding, Supporting Writing & Revision  

25th Feb 2020

Link phrases are commonly associated with concept maps. A concept map illustrates the relationships between concepts. We like to think of it as mapping out knowledge. For example it is a graphical tool that researchers, scientists and engineers can use to organise and structure information. For students it helps them to organise and represent their knowledge of a subject.  

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Inspiration 9 timeline

Creating a timeline with Inspiration 9

31st Jan 2020

Find out how you can quickly create a timeline in Inspiration 9 to use in your reports, essays and presentations.

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Inspiration 9 - now part of TechEd Marketing

Inspiration 9 IE for Windows: now part of TechEd Marketing

27th Dec 2019

TechEd Marketing are delighted to announce that, having licensed the publishing rights from the software's creators, Inspiration 9 IE for Windows is now part of TechEd Marketing. A global product with millions of users worldwide, TechEd Marketing will be developing, publishing and selling Inspiration 9 into regions across the globe.

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