What is New in Inspiration 10

We are super excited about the launch of Inspiration 10, released 1st September 2020. As well as many enhancements to the software, we have introduced some brand new features into this latest version. Here is a short summary of what new features to expect in Inspiration 10.

DiagramSync for Web and Tree Style Diagrams (or a mixture of both!)

Users have been asking for it, so we’ve delivered it! Once you’ve captured your ideas in the Diagram View and then switched to the Outline View, by default main topics are sorted in the initial order of thinking; and subtopics, in the order they were linked to their parent topic.

But what if you lay out the symbols in your diagram in a way, that you want the ordering in the Outline View to reflect?


Before version 10, you would separately drag and drop the topics and sub topic sections accordingly in the Outline View. But users wanted a quicker and automated way to do this. So in version 10 we have introduced DiagramSync for web and tree style diagrams (top down, bottom up, left and right). Your document can even be a mixture of these structures!

If you want to synchronize your outline to the arrangement of your symbols in a web or tree structure, all you need to do is click on the DiagramSync button. In a matter of seconds, your Outline View is resorted accordingly.

Sorting will be calculated at each topic/ subtopic level, using one of 3 rules. A diagram can have a mixture of layouts.

Drag and drop more media types and files into your Inspiration document - to embed or hyperlink

We’ve made it even easier to embed and hyperlink files into your Inspiration document by simply dragging and dropping files in.


Import .txt and .rtf files to create topic symbols and outlines with accompanying notes

If you have a page of notes created in either a text editor or word processor such as Word, you can now import it into Inspiration 10. To do this, save the file as a .txt or .rtf file. Then in Inspiration, go to File -> Open, and select the .txt or .rtf file.

Inspiration 10 will open this as an outline of topics, with any accompanying notes. The document can be worked on diagrammatically by switching to the Diagram View, to start organising and structuring each topic.


Unicode support for non-English character sets

Inspiration 10 will allow users to type in or paste in foreign language characters, which can also be exported to Word or PowerPoint.

Updated Template Library + New Work Focused Templates (add to version 10.0.2)

We've revamped the existing templates library, as well as created 50 new work focused templates that can be downloaded separately and opened in Inspiration.

Eligibility for free upgrade

The following users are eligible for a free upgrade to version 10

  • Customers who have purchased Inspiration 9 since January 2020, as well as students and employees in receipt of Inspiration via disability funding programs such as DSA and Access to Work during this same period.
  • Any education customer who has a site licence subscription. This includes their students where the institution has opted for ‘own device’ install privileges.