So what's new?


With one click, the new theming feature allows you to apply effective and visually appealing colour coding to your maps and diagrams. This stops the temptation to spend too much time beautifying your Inspiration documents and truly ensures that any added visual cues are beneficial to thinking and learning. As well as taking away visual stress, applying a coloured theme to your diagram is incredibly effective in organising information, engaging visual learners, and helping with memory retention.


We have also listened to users and revamped the symbols libraries.

The available symbols within Inspiration are broken down into various categories and allow users to quickly add visual cues to their diagrams which helps with comprehension and retention. While some old favourites remain, the majority of the symbols library has now been updated to provide more updated and engaging graphics.

Exam Mode

Plus, we have introduced a brand-new toggle-on Exam Mode feature, which is built to benefit users bound by UK exam regulations (one of the advantages of being able to work offline).

Plus, you'll find new default settings for Diagram View, as well as an updated starter screen that allows you to quickly jump into the projects you've been working on.

Inspiration 11 still works offline for Windows users, and it’s still got your favourite features: the RapidFire tool, the Sync tool, and Outline View. But, it looks smarter, and more up-to-date, and can seriously be a boost for your mind-mapping capabilities.

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