Inspiration's new Exam Mode feature: empowering visual learners to excel in exams

Inspired by a conversation at Communication Works 2023, we are thrilled that the latest version of Inspiration now includes an Exam Mode to empower visual learners in exam settings.

What is it?

Exam Mode is a brand-new toggle-on/off feature of Inspiration 11 for Windows, which will allow users to continue to utilise Inspiration during high school, college, or university exams that stipulate spelling help cannot be provided. Therefore, students who use Inspiration as their usual way of working can still be supported in exams.

It works by turning off the spell check and word guide functions within Inspiration and adds a red bar marked "Exam Mode" at the top of the screen, making it easily visible to exam invigilators. It's worth noting that Inspiration for Windows works completely offline, too.

We recently spoke to the exam body Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) and we’re pleased to say Inspiration can now be used in exams under JCQ’s access arrangement requirements, as a standard word processor with computer reader arrangement. 

Who will this work for?

Students who are Inspiration users and rely on the software as their preferred way of working - especially those with neuro differences or cognition challenges that suit a visual way of working. 

Why have we added this?

Education settings with students who use Inspiration have asked us to provide a solution that will allow them to use the software in an exam setting so that they can continue working in the visual way that suits them. This means their chosen assistive technology isn’t taken away from them when they most need it.

How can it be used?

For example, students can create a diagram or map to visually demonstrate and organise their ideas in the pre-writing stage and then move to the Outline View to see their ideas in a hierarchical structure and start the process of writing. Then they can export to Word ready to submit.

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Inspiration is an approved product for the Disabled Student Allowance and Access to Work.


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