Inspiration 11 - using the link phrase bank

Link phrases are commonly associated with concept maps. A concept map illustrates the relationships between concepts. We like to think of it as mapping out knowledge. For example it is a graphical tool that researchers, scientists and engineers can use to organise and structure information. For students it helps them to organise and represent their knowledge of a subject.  

Linking phrases are located on the lines connecting the images and symbols in a map. These words describe the relationship between two concepts. They should be concise and typically contain a verb such as causes and includes.  

In his 4 minute video we will explain how to use link phrases when creating different types of diagrams in Inspiration.

So why use Link Phrases?  

  • Firstly it helps users to deepen their understanding of a topic
  • It supports the writing process
  • Finally, link phrases can be a powerful reminder, when you are reviewing an existing visual map and cannot remember why one concept is connected to another.