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How to set up your documents for Inspiration Maps Generator

Want to know how to make sure your work will convert into an Inspiration file without a hitch? Well, look no further! Read on to find out how to lay your Word and PowerPoint documents out to ensure it all pulls through effortlessly and perfectly.

Inspiration Maps Generator is a simple 3-step process to convert your documents to Inspiration diagrams:

  • Upload your document (Word or PowerPoint only).
  • Select if you want your diagram with or without links.
  • Name your new Inspiration file before you click Generate!

However, it does rely on the document being formatted correctly in the first place, so we’ve created the below instructions so you know what’s important and why.

The importance of style headings

The Inspiration Maps Generator reads all the headings used in the file to determine the key concepts and how they will be structured in your map/diagram e.g. title, subheadings, and paragraphs. What are style headings, you ask? They are predefined formats for titles, headings, and subheadings that make your document more organised and easier to read. 

And where can Style headings be found? They can be found, in a Word document, along the top bar in the Home tab, called Styles, see below. All these elements are then used to construct the diagram/map. If you omit the headings from your Word document the generator won’t create a usable Inspiration map properly, which will mean building a mind map almost from scratch.


So, let’s look at what happens when you convert a Word document:


  • The Title in a Word document will become the Main Idea symbol in an Inspiration diagram. 
  • Headings will become Topics symbols in your Inspiration diagram, which will be linked to the Main Idea symbol. 
  • Subheadings under a Heading will become a supporting Topic symbol; these will be linked to the parent topic.
  • Paragraphs, in Word, following either a Title, Heading, or Subheading will be attached to your map as a note to the corresponding symbol.
  • And, the first image following a Title, Heading or Subheading will be inserted into the note, for the corresponding symbol.

So, you can see how all the headings and subheadings work and how crucial they will be to the initial map that the generator creates.

Double-check your Word document is formatted correctly

So, you’ve created a document that you think will convert with no issues but you can double-check it's all set out right before you even utilize the generator. 

To do this, go to the View menu in Word and enable Navigation Pane, a new pane will then appear on the left showing the outline structure of your document. If it’s all laid out ok it should show Title at the top and then the corresponding Headings and Subheadings underneath. And, to make it even easier to follow, Subheadings will be indented under their corresponding Heading.

PowerPoint - now, let’s look at what happens when you convert a PowerPoint document:

  • The first Title slide of the document will become the Main Idea symbol in your new Inspiration diagram/map.
  • For each subsequent slide, the Title in the PowerPoint file will become a Topics symbol in your map; these will be linked to your Main Idea symbol on the map.
  • Bullets on each slide will become supporting Topics symbols, which will be linked to the Topics symbol corresponding to that particular slide.
  • Speakers Notes will be attached as a note to the corresponding symbol for that slide.

And the first image on the slide will be inserted into the note, for the corresponding symbol for that side too. (Note - subtitles do not pull through.)


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