We have been super excited to unveil Inspiration Dragon Edition; in fact, we were barely able to keep it a secret! But it is now available to buy online and get straight to your desktop, as well as through DSA and Access To Work.

This has been a few months in the making through mindful collaboration with our good friends at Dragon eLearning Solution and we truly believe that this will be brilliant for Inspiration & Dragon users everywhere.

It is optimised for users of Dragon Professional, making it very easy to use speech commands to create and edit visual diagrams and outlines effortlessly.

With this solution, users will be able to control Inspiration and compose text using natural speech commands, rather than having to remember specific keyboard commands. 

For example, to add a note to a selected symbol or branch, the user would say "add note", rather than the usual Dragon command "press Control – Y". This makes it simpler and quicker to remember Inspiration-specific commands, and makes the whole process of using Inspiration through speech more intuitive.

Key features:

  • This product includes both Inspiration for Windows and the Inspiration Dragon Command Pack add-on.
  • The Inspiration Dragon Command Pack contains 200+ custom commands specific to Inspiration.
  • Simple process to import custom commands into Dragon Professional.
  • Includes access to online training videos to get users started using Inspiration with Dragon Professional.

(The Command Pack is compatible with Dragon Professional 15 and 16.)

Existing Inspiration users can purchase the Inspiration Dragon Command Pack separately from here.

The Inspiration Dragon Command Pack included in this edition is published by TechEdology Ltd. Top Class Computers (UK) Ltd is the author of the Inspiration Dragon Command Pack.


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