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University of Leicester: Inspiration's impact on students and staff

Ursula Bilson is the Staff Disabilities Adviser for the University of Leicester and regularly promotes Inspiration for its positive impact on students.

Part of her role is advising the staff on what support is available, which includes the different software in their network. And this technology isn't just available for students, it's also there for the staff to use.

She says, "Inspiration is a really good tool for when you don't know where you're going with something, and you want to sketch out your initial ideas." Ursula uses it this way herself!

Ursula's top reasons for using Inspiration:

  • When staff have big tasks and they want to break them down into smaller chunks - Inspiration is great for this! Then afterwards you can organise things even more.
  • The free-form approach and flexibility.
  • Students like to use it for exams in particular; the colour-coding and pictures are really helpful.
  • Students also rely on Inspiration for essay planning and presentations.
  • The fact that it exports into PowerPoint is a "real good plus", so you're not duplicating your work.


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