Creating the Perfect Presentation

Having to present in front of others can be a daunting prospect, preceded by actually creating the presentation, ensuring your ideas are conveyed clearly and making sure it is engaging for the audience.

Making a start on that presentation can feel like an uphill battle. But it needn’t…

Brainstorming your ideas and creating a visual diagram of what you want to include can really help you get started and improve the overall quality of your final presentation, giving you confidence when you have to think about actually presenting it.

How brainstorming will help you get started

Brainstorming and creating visual diagrams can be the easiest way to start putting together your presentation; it can help you organise relevant information and ultimately improve the whole process for you, leading to a better final presentation. And here’s how -

  • Allows you to get all your ideas out, without constraint
  • Makes connections and links between different ideas
  • Means you can prioritise topics
  • Allows you to rejig the order
  • Helps to recall information and research
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Saves you time
  • Eliminates blank page syndrome

Turning your brainstorm into a presentation

So, you’ve brainstormed all your thoughts, organised your research and you now feel ready to put this all into a presentation. Inspiration 11’s Presentation tool can take all of this hard work and convert it into stylish slides with just a couple of clicks of a button, meaning that time spent brainstorming has actually saved you time in the long run. You can use Inspiration’s Presentation Manager to rearrange and design your presentation, including adding “snapshots”: visuals from your diagram to enhance your presentation, as well as act as visual prompts to you, so you can feel more supported while you’re presenting.

What’s more, your diagram notes will be converted to speaker notes that you can use when presenting your slideshow, which is brilliant if you feel anxious and need a prompt. Inspiration will allow you to format these notes, as well as the design of the presentation as you wish, then once you’re ready, there’s only one thing left to do…

Practising and presenting

You can start practising by running through your slides on screen, or print your slides with speaker notes. Speaking out loud and timing yourself can really help you finesse your presentation and feel confident that you know you won’t miss anything out, nor speak so fast that you have too much time left.

Finally, you can present within Inspiration itself or export to Microsoft PowerPoint, or PDF, if your project needs it. And there you are, one presentation created and ready to show off, with minimum fuss or nerves!

Within Inspiration’s Online Help Manual (found in the Help tab) you can also get tips and hints on creating and showing your presentation, which should make you feel more confident and less anxious. It touches on timing, practising and necessary equipment; all helpful if presenting doesn’t come naturally to you. There’s even a Presenter Quick Reference Guide print-out, so you don’t have to rely on remembering how to do everything while you’re doing it; just keep an eye on the guide!