The Latest Features in Inspiration 10 (version 10.11)

You asked and we answered! After listening carefully to user feedback we are very excited to share the latest updates to Inspiration 10, released on the 4th February 2022. In this update, we have enhanced and renewed some of Inspiration's core features to improve the perceptibility of user ideas and decrease the visual stress that can come with planning and note-taking. This also includes improvements to overall experience.

New Presentation Themes in Presentation View:

Our users are always having new ideas; to help them capture and illustrate them as best as we can, we have completely revamped the presentation themes available to reflect this.

Designed with accessibility in mind, the sleek, modernized themes allow for a more aesthetic and legible presentation of ideas, accommodating a range of tones and moods.

Presentation, Themes, Modern
Modern, Presentation

Fun and engaging backgrounds can be found that help draw attention to information with visual ease, particularly useful for younger users whether at school or at home.

Equally, users can find more distinct, professional backgrounds that more effectively guide viewer engagement and retain viewer attention.

Such as before, users can export their presentations to PowerPoint or as a PDF file for ease of compatibility.

Background Customization in Outline View

We've made it even easier to lay out your outlines in a way that best suits your preference.

Users now have the freedom to change the background colour in Outline View in order to find the best possible visibility for their plans and ideas.

Simply navigate to the 'Utility' tab at the top of the screen and select 'Default Settings' to choose from a range of default colours and preferences to ease formatting stress.

Default Settings, Background

These preferences can be set independently for Diagram/ Map View and Outline View.

Users can set different default background colours in the same document to achieve optimal visibility for creating and using diagrams and outlines, removing the visual stress of scanning through information.

Users also have the freedom to customize default layouts, symbols and fonts, making the tools for effective visual thinking much more accessible and deployable the minute ideas need to be captured.

New Family Tree Diagram Templates

Making family trees is a popular activity amongst Inspiration users, so we wanted to assist this by adding a split-tree and upward-tree template.

When users open up a new project in Inspiration 10, simply by navigating to the 'templates' option they will be able to find these new family trees in the 'Thinking and Planning' folder. Once opened, they allow for full customization.

Family tree template in Inspiration 10

Inspiration's Journey Since Its Last Update:

We introduced Inspiration 10's Citation Tool, to add multiple references to symbols and branches on a visual map, along with the relevant hyperlink. This will then automatically alphabetize all the citations into a dedicated Bibliography section within the Outline View.

This update also saw the introduction of the Transfer Tool, which allows diagrams and outlines to be quickly pasted into apps like Google Docs and Microsoft OneNote - the same way users can also transfer their Inspiration files into a Word document.

The Sync Tool was also added to Map View, which matches the way you order your visual view to the Outline View. Without this tool, the outline would be organized in the order you entered and linked ideas. Using the Sync Tool between Map and Outline View means first-level topics are organized following a clockwise order, with further subtopics ordered top to bottom.

Finally, this update allowed style headings to be retained when exporting to a different file format, as such, screen readers now recognize headings and body text. In addition, 50 new work-themed diagram templates were added to facilitate work-based planning and mapping.

So, how can you update?

Existing Inspiration 10 users will be able to upgrade to this version for free by completing this form. At the same time as the Windows release, these features will also appear in our cloud solution for Macs and Chromebooks - Inspiration RD.