Inspiration 10 and Dragon Naturally Speaking

Find out how to use Inspiration 10 for Windows and Dragon Naturally Speaking together. Watch the video below to learn how the tools can easily be used in conjunction with one another, then use the keyboard shortcut guide to put it into practice.

Get instant access to this step-by-step video training guide on using Inspiration 10 with Dragon Naturally Speaking, the speech recognition software. It covers using Dragon with the Diagram View, Mind Map View and Outline View. During the video, you'll see how the tools work seamlessly together to allow users to gain the most from their visual learning.

With thanks to Sue Bullock, DSA Assessor and AT Trainer, for helping us to put this together.


Inspiration 10 Keyboard Shortcut and Dragon Commands Guide

To support this training, we’ve produced this useful guide to using keyboard shortcuts and Dragon commands with Inspiration 10.

Here you'll find a succinct list of keyboard shortcuts, that can save you time and make it easier to edit your documents.

Additionally, keyboard shortcuts can be used with speech-to-text software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking to control Inspiration 10.

Read the PDF guide here.