Inspiration - now available on Windows 11 SE

Inspiration - The first visual mapping app to be approved for Windows 11 SE for Education devices!

What a great way to kick off 2023! We are super excited to announce that Inspiration is the FIRST visual mapping tool to be approved by Microsoft for Windows 11 SE for Education devices.

Windows 11 SE is an edition of Windows that's designed for education. Windows SE runs on web-first devices that use essential education apps.

For education customers seeking cost-effective devices, Microsoft Windows 11 SE is a great choice. Windows 11 SE includes the following benefits:

  • A simplified and secure experience for students, where student privacy is prioritized. 
  • With a curated allowlist of applications maintained by Microsoft, Windows SE is designed to only run essential education apps
  • It's built for low-cost devices

To have been approved, Inspiration had to be validated as an essential education app, as well as be subject to rigorous technical testing by Microsoft.

We are so happy to have made it onto this ‘A’ list, amongst other great apps designed for education.

For further information and to see the list of approved apps for Windows 11 SE devices visit:

Windows 11 SE Overview - Windows Education | Microsoft Learn