Inspiration How-To Videos

Below you'll find 56 short how-to videos to help you get the most out of Inspiration for Windows. Plus you can find how-to videos for using specific Inspiration templates here.

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Getting Started
Diagram View

Getting Started

10-minute training video on Inspiration for Windows


Inspiration and Dragon Naturally Speaking


Configuring default preferences and creating templates (setting default background only applicable to Version 10)


Importing Text and RTF Files


Using built-in audio tools


Inspiration RD specific videos

Install and use Parallels on a Mac


Copy and paste on a web browser


Install and use Parallels on Windows


Navigate to your local drive in Parallels


Install and use Parallels on a Chromebook


Moving files between online storage and desktop on a web browser


Diagram View

Add ideas with the Create tool


Moving an idea symbol


Using the Rapid Fire tool


Using the Link tool


Adding ideas with point and type


Changing a link connection point


Formatting a link


Working with notes in Diagram View


Adding symbols from the palette


Using the Arrange tool


Searching the symbol libraries


Add central idea and branch text


Adding topics with Quick Control


Using the Rapid Fire tool


Rearranging topics and branches


Working with notes in Map View


Enhancing with colour and symbols


Using relationship links


Outline View - find out more about outlining

Switching to Outline View


Selecting topics in Outline View


Showing link text and symbols


Changing the prefix labels


DiagramSync to Diagram View (only applicable to Version 10)


Changing the topic level


Working with notes in Outline View


Splitting topics


DiagramSync to Map View (only applicable to Version 10)


Adding a topic under the main idea


Showing/hiding topics and notes


Sorting your outline


Presentation Manager

Creating a new presentation


Duplicating and splitting slides


Adding custom snapshots


Using reveals


Adding videos and sounds


Using speaker notes


Sorting slides


Working with containers


Modifying presentation theme


Using transitions


Playing a presentation


Presenting on computers without Inspiration


Creating new slides


Editing talking points


Creating custom themes


Adding imported images


Using auto play options


Deleting a presentation and starting over


Tools & Exporting

Using the Word Guide


Adding multimedia


Exporting to other formats


Adding multiple hyperlinks to a symbol or branch


Creating hyperlinks


Showing a checklist


Transferring to clipboard


Inserting a graphic


Transferring work to a word processor


Add and manage citations and bibliography