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Problems reinstalling Inspiration 9: Getting the message "Your request could not be completed because online resources are currently unavailable. Please try again later"? With the change in publisher of Inspiration 9 to TechEdology, the installer and licence code has changed. Please look at updating to the latest version, Inspiration 10, in order to access the software.

Problems with Mac OS X Catalina and later macOS versions: Inspiration 9 for Mac is not compatible with Mac OS X Catalina onwards and there is no available update. Inspiration 9 for Mac is no longer available.

Inspiration 10 is Windows only.

If you have access to a Windows PC, we are offering a free licence swap to Inspiration 9 for Windows. Therefore, you will be able to open up your existing Inspiration files, as well as create new ones. To take up this offer, raise a ticket and choose 'Exchange my Inspiration 9 for Mac licence to the Windows version' from the drop down option'.